Eye of Rubbynfugval

A ruby the size of a large grapefruid.


This item is ruby the size of a large grapefruit, slightly oblate.
Though largely a clear, deep, cherry color in the middle seems to be a darkened natural blemish that catches the light in peculiar, mesmerizing patters.
It’s true value is uncalculable!

Though natural, some ppl think it is the calcified eye of the Red Dragon Tyrant Rubbynfugval.
Upon closer inspection, the blackness inside looks like a dancing person, and from some angles like the iris of a dragon eye – further supporting the legends behind its name (a bit like the “Pink Panther” diamond).

It is currently the focus of many parties as it is being used as a “gift” to certain parties to obtain military allegiance.

Thus far, that is all that is known…..


Eye of Rubbynfugval

Thorgrim&Edwin Morlaf